Enables Streamers Reach More People By Developing Technologies

Advances in streaming platforms (NASDAQ: SJ at now allow consumers to send media directly anywhere, at any time. Indeed, technology advancement such as artificial intelligence, 5G and cloud allows providers to provide their customers with optimal entertainment services. AI, for example, makes premium products as never before possible for content manufacturers. In addition, club-based approach for video streaming increases the scope and development of video content. Moreover, the most important increases in the streaming service are anticipated from the regions where digital media is deeply embraced.

Industry slow down

 Moreover, the sharp rise in use of video streaming services is a side effect of the pandemic. There was no hint, right before the pandemic, of slowing down online video viewers growth rates. The growth rates increased after the beginning. Global ecommerce company (NASDAQ: SJ)  Holding

The global e-commerce industry continues to expand at a striking pace for similar reasons, as more and more users are now connecting permanently to the Internet. Additions are supposed to be beneficial for industry development in the introduction of emerging innovations such as 4G and 5G because they help provide the customer with continuous experience. In addition, mobile adoption.


In part, growth in e-commerce is also motivated by the growing value of online marketing platforms like Google advertising and Facebook ads. During the pandemic, the transition to online shopping had escalated quickly and now, according to Facebook’s numbers, 85% of the world’s shoppers are online. Using this opportunity as a starting point, the social media giant announced the establishment of Facebook Store, a new location to find and shop for social media items.yesterday Scienjoy Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: SJ) reported that it “formed a strategic relationship with Fujian Chuanzheng Communications.

Build a live stream entertainment and e-commerce broadcaster training academy. This new relationship will improve the growth pool of Scienjoy broadcasters, help standardise and grow the live stream talent industry, and lead to overall jobs in China.

This collaboration will create a new talent pipeline and brings together leaders from academia and the industry to maximise the advantages of all three parties. The collaboration will draw on the educational expertise and profound pool of promising students from Fujian Chuanzheng. Liyumen, a leading multi-channel network (MCN), will have a comprehensive broadcaster training experience.

Leading agency

Scienjoy is China’s leading live stream website, with the goal of establishing a “Live-streaming Full Ecosystem,” increasing investment in talent training. Under the December 2020 Plan, Scienjoy develops an ecosystems that combine entertainment, e-commerce and multi-channel networks (MCNs). The two foundations of the Scienjoy live stream ecosystem content are e-commerce and entertainment. You can check more stocks like nasdaq sfet at