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List Of Applications And Editors For Windows

When you buy a new PC or reinstall Windows, the first task you need to do is install apps. Here the site provides apps for windows. You can download all the apps that you require for your daily use or business purposes.

The apps that are required by the customer vary according to their age and the needs of the customer.

The common apps used by all age groups are

  • Media player
  • Photo editor
  • Video editor
  • Security
  • Share it.

Media player

All PC users must have a media player to play the media on their PC. There are numerous media players on the internet. So you can choose the player with the best features for your PC. The most common type of media player preferred by most users is the VLC media player. You can enjoy your free time by watching movies, etc., using the media player.

Photo editor

Photo editing apps are common on a PC. You can edit your photos with different features. Each app provides different, specific features. These apps are used by professionals to increase their business and others to edit their pictures. The most common photo editing apps for windows is Adobe Lightroom, and top-ranked photo editing app among the other photo editing apps.

Video editor

Video Show is a popular and common video editing app available for both PC and Android devices. This is simple to use. Both beginners and professionals can use this app for editing their photos into videos or videos with different audio for birthdays and any other function. Some professional editing apps are available on this site for video editing.


Your PC has some security systems of its own. You can install additional security for your PC if required. Numerous security apps can be helpful to protect your windows.

Share it

This app is used to share and receive files from other computers. This is the most common sharing app used by most people.

There are lots of apps available that you are looking for your windows. Get benefited by installing and using the required apps through the above link, that link you to the app store.