Know Bto 4 Room Renovation Cost Basics
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Know Bto 4 Room Renovation Cost Basics

Interior designing is the process of rearranging, reshaping and changing the entire interior of your house, apartment or building to give it a new look and make it more aesthetic. An interior designer will use his skill to change the appearance of your place to bring out more personality and give the vibe you were pursuing.  The process of interior designing is an art as well as science.  It has some basic rules like science which are learnt and followed by every designer but in the end it all comes down to how creative one can be while staying within those rules. It will be the designer’s creativity at the end that will determine how good of the finished project looks and how much bto 4 room renovation cost.


bto 4 room renovation cost

As in any other field one can also do specialisation in any subcategory of interior designing. Here we list down some of the sub categories of   interior designing with brief introduction along-:

  • Residential – Residential designers deal with designing any interior or private property. As the space is meant for personal use the customer’s wants and requirements are paramount and hence the designer have to factor in the customer’s advices and guidelines before starting the process of designing .
  • Commercial – Commercial designing involves designing for any space that is meant for business use such as retail, healthcare, industrial, exhibition, sports, etc.There are certain set of rules associated with designing each of these places which a designer must know and inform the client well in advance about his vision and provide the client a walkthrough their thinking process before actually beginning the process of design.
  • Others – Other area of specialisation involves amusement and theme parks, theatre and performing design, food designing etc. These areas of designing are so dense that often all the knowledge required to design such spaces cannot induced into one singular course and hence some universities provide specialised courses regarding designing of such spaces which a designer must do before attempting to design these spaces.

All in All the process of interior designing though bounded by some rules and principals comes down the creativity and skills of the designer and hence hiring a good designer may just not be enough. One must make sure that the designer understands your need and possesses the required skill to provide you with the result you are looking for.