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Start Preparing with psle past year’s papers

Considering the situation where many people spend about a year preparing for the entrance examination, if you are considering “taking the school-leaving examination”, you want to start preparing as soon as possible. Therefore, this time, we have summarized the basic knowledge of the school-leaving examination.

Every year around the end of primary school, school-leaving examinations are held at national and private elementary schools. What kind of preparations should you make as a parent toward that? In a past article, we conducted a questionnaire survey of parents to explore how to prepare and proceed with the elementary school entrance examination.

When to start preparing for the exam?

Generally, it is said that many people start preparing for the elementary school entrance exam one year before the entrance examination. If the exam is held around November, when a child attending a kindergarten, nursery school, or certified children’s kindergarten becomes a senior class (class at the age of 5). It is considered that the beginning time is around the autumn of the previous year.
It is different from the timing of starting preparation because it is the timing to send them to school to the end. But many families put them in schools from an early stage and take all possible measures, and many families basically do a home study with psle past year papers and take measures at the school after becoming an older class.

psle past year papers

When deciding on the school of your choice?

When is the time to decide which school you want to apply to? There are 69 private and 237 national elementary schools, respectively. Most of them are concentrated in one place and three prefectures or two prefectures and one prefecture. So, if you live in a metropolitan area, there are too many options and it may be difficult to decide.
On the other hand, if you live in a rural area and the only option is an elementary school attached to a national university in your hometown. The timing of deciding to take the exam may be the decision of the school of your choice.

According to the weekly news agency

A school for preparing for elementary school entrance exams, many successful applicants decided on their first-choice school in the winter when their children were in the year-round class (4-year-old class) and thoroughly planned their countermeasures.
In that sense, it seems that it is common to start preparation slowly in the fall of the high class and decide the school of your choice in that winter. Continue the preparation with psle past year papers from there, and start the actual event in the autumn of the senior class.