A wire grid is one of the building materials, usually, this wire grid can also be used to make bird cages, chickens, and many others. There are so many types and sizes of wire grid available on the market, usually when the purchase has been determined the size. However, if you want to use the wire, of course, it must be adjusted to the required size, therefore cutting must be done, this time we will discuss how to cut the wire grid easily. Meanwhile, if you also need the best tool to cut and bend wire easily, we suggest you check out some of the best needle nose pliers.

For cutting the wire grid is very easy, here are the tools and steps in cutting the wire grid.

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

To cut this wire ram requires several tools and materials needed such as:

– Iron Scissors
– Measuring instrument
– Tang

2. Take Measurements

If all the tools and materials needed are ready, then you can take measurements, this process is done before cutting. Make sure the size matches the size needed later.

3. Cutting Process

This section is the core part of the wire grid cutting process, preferably when this cutting process is done in a comfortable area and has sufficient lighting so that the boundaries of the cutting area are clear and the cutting results are good later.

To cut the wire grid, you can follow the steps below:

– Point the scissors at the location to be cut later.
– Cut the wire grid with scissors, to cut it do it slowly and slightly pressing, because the texture of this wire grid is very hard.
– Cut up to the area that has been determined later.
– Tidy up the cut.
– If the wire is bent, use pliers to straighten it.

If the above process has been done, the wire grid cutting process is complete, you can immediately use it. It is very easy to cut the wire grid, the tools used are also easy to find.

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