Are you one of the women who lack confidence because they have a big body? If so, it never hurts to listen to some of the following tips on how to dress so that your big body looks slimmer. Additionally, you can also visit womens clothing stores Kelowna if you’re looking for beautiful dresses for plus size body shapes.

Let’s just see the complete information below:

Color selection is very influential

The choice of clothing color is also an important factor in dressing, especially for those of you who are overweight. Dark-colored clothes will give a smaller illusion to your body. Because the dark color will not reflect back the light it receives.

That’s why there is nothing wrong to wear black clothes if you want to make your body look slimmer. In addition, brightly colored clothes can also cause shadows that make the illusion of the body wider.

The selection of clothes must be right

If you have a big body and want to look slimmer, you should not use loose clothes because your body can look bigger. So, you should use clothes that fit the body but not tight.

In addition, you can also wear A-line or Empire style clothing. Clothing with this style will accentuate your body which contains while disguising the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. If you go to parties, you should use a wrap dress or a dress with a fluttering bottom.

Pay attention to the use of a skirt or pants

Some obese women prefer to wear skirts so their legs can look slimmer. Not wrong indeed, but you should choose a skirt that has a length above the knee. The reason is simple because the skirt above the knee will make your legs look a little longer. That way, you will look taller and thinner.

If you like to wear pants, you should choose plants that fit, not too big or small. Wear the right size jeans that can be used in the long run. Try wearing bootcut pants. Pants with a rather wide style at the bottom can make the pelvis and thighs look more proportionate.

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