The vocal is one of the most obvious differences in stage and film acting. In acting, stage actors and actresses must have loud, clear vocals. Why? Because in stage acting, an actor and an actress must be able to reach the audience’s hearing from the front row to the very back row. In addition to loud and clear vocals, an actor and actress who performs stage acting is required to have the right articulation and intonation. In contrast to film acting, the actors and actresses are not too charged with vocals. This is because there is a sound stylist who installs clip-on on each player, and a boom mic to cover the atmosphere. The results of this sound recording will be edited by a sound designer so that it can produce the desired sound. All actors regardless if they are a professional actor or amateur actor, they must understand the vocal difference in both types of acting.

Then, gestures in stage acting are also different from film acting. Simply put, the acting stage of a player’s body motion will be more excessive than film acting. Why? Because stage acting must be good at representing characters and emotions so that the audience feels close to the story that is running. The gesture and flexibility of gestures must be possessed by an actor and actress who performs stage acting. An actor or actress who is acting in a film tends to be able to adapt from daily habits, especially if the story is drama. Movie gestures and gestures can be covered from various camera angles so that the audience is able to feel emotions.

Aside from that, the difference between the acting stage and the next film is blocking. If actors and actresses do stage acting, they must be aware of the audience’s presence. This is because they must be able to tell the story well to the audience in front of them directly. In film acting, actors and actresses on stage should not be aware of the camera, even though they know that there is a team of documentation both photos and videos that are covering them. Blocking becomes a very important thing in acting, considering that the actors and actresses will be very much motivated and adjust their actions to each other.

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