If you are not diligent about cleaning the house, you allow germs to nest in your home and that is what makes your family sick. Cleaning your house will be even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic like today, so you should be more diligent in House Cleaning.

For this reason, here are some tips for keeping your home healthy and free of germs:

Use disinfectants

Furthermore, it is important for you to use disinfectants in any place that may be touched by many people such as door handles, TV remote, telephone, table, and chairs. Because basically a virus can spread from objects that have been touched by people affected by germs or the virus.

Clean Your Kitchen

Without you knowing that food bought from the market can be a source of germs for you. To avoid the nesting of germs on food, you can wash the vegetables and fruits that are purchased. It is also important to wash your hands after the market. Also, make sure you clean the entire kitchen area using a disinfectant towel or towel as often as possible.

Clean the cleaning tool in your home

Not only visible objects that need cleaning but even objects used as cleaning tools should also be cleaned regularly. The item in question is like a dishwashing sponge which should be cleaned after you wash the dishes. Then you should also wipe the mop handle, broom handle, and other cleaning tools.

Keep the Bedroom Clean

A bedroom is a place that you must keep clean because this place will be a place to rest and unwind. For that, frequently clean the bed and change bed linen once a week. If you have a pet, then you have to be even more extra in cleaning the bedroom. This aims to prevent animal hair from spreading in your bedroom area.

Keep the Bathroom Clean

The bathroom which is a place to clean oneself must still be cleaned. You also need to routinely scrub the bathroom floor and keep cleaning tools in the bathroom properly. Make sure the family has a towel and each toothbrush.

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