The open kitchen design lately is widely applied in contemporary dwellings. An open kitchen is usually placed together without a massive bulkhead with other rooms. For example the kitchen and dining room, or the kitchen and backyard. This kitchen design is suitable for you who want a more relaxed atmosphere when cooking in the kitchen. There are several things to consider before deciding to adopt an open kitchen design. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a luxurious-looking countertop for your spacious kitchen, perhaps you need to check out dallas granite countertops.

In the following, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of an open kitchen for your consideration:

More space

The kitchen that integrates with other spaces will make its size wider. That way activities in the kitchen will be more flexible. You can easily put cooked dishes on the dining table without having to move the room across the divider. Likewise, when I want to put dirty tableware back into the kitchen after eating together.

Smoother air circulation

Open kitchens are usually equipped with windows or large openings leading to the room or garden. That way the air and sunlight can enter freely. Good air and light circulation will prevent the kitchen from damp and odor.

The aroma of cooking spreads to another room

The smoke and aroma of cooking will easily spread to other rooms. This certainly will interfere if the kitchen is connected directly to the room such as the living room and family room. To anticipate this, you can use a cooker hood so that the smoke and aroma of cooking can be directly sucked while cooking.

Risk of being infested by pests

This risk occurs mainly in open kitchens that blend into the backyard. Rat and cockroach pests can interfere if the kitchen is not maintained properly. When it rains, earthworms in the yard can also go up to the kitchen if the kitchen floor is too close to the yard. For that, you need to store food and food in a closed place, immediately dispose of garbage to other places, and ensure there is sufficient distance between the kitchen and garden so that pests from the park can be driven.

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