Bathroom problems, of course, can bring ‘disaster’. Family members will find it difficult to move. Starting from urinating, bathing toothbrushes, and other things. Bathroom maintenance should be done regularly. This is so that damage can be avoided and not cause problems later on. Then what if the bathroom is already problematic? If you encounter problems with the bathroom especially for water problems, you can use the services of first call restoration crew.

Some common problems often occur. To overcome these problems is quite easy, you just have to know the tricks.

1. Ventilation
The ventilation system must work effectively so that the bathroom is odorless, moldy, and damp. If the bathroom feels very damp and musty smell immediately check the ventilation.
Closed and damaged holes must be replaced immediately. Can also part of the hole covered with dust, if so do the cleaning immediately. If it is badly damaged, inevitably have to call workers to fix it.

2. Mushrooms
The appearance of mold in the bathroom is usually marked by black spots on the wall or toilet. If it is severe enough and many black spots leave a yellowish residue. A fungus is triggered by poor ventilation. To clean the fungus, you can use a fairly strong bathroom cleaning liquid. Let stand a few moments then brush. But this is only temporary, ventilation must be corrected immediately.

3. Faucet is leaking
You might be able to immediately replace the leaky faucet head, but of course, this will be very wasteful. Leaking faucets usually have parts that are just loose and need to be tightened using pliers. Consider the condition of the faucet first. If you feel something is fast, fasten it immediately. If the faucets are more than 1 year old, maybe it’s time to be replaced.

4. Drainage of clogged water
One problem that often occurs in the bathroom is stagnant water because the water flow is blocked. Usually, the blockage in the drains is the hair and the rest of the toiletries pack. For that make sure the surface of the filtered water is clean from the hair and objects. To expedite the flow of water, you can clean the drain using baking soda and warm water so that stubborn dirt at the bottom can fall out and the water flow becomes smooth.

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