Owning a dog is great fun. However, even so, you must be able to maintain the health of your dog. One easy way is to provide healthy food for your dog. You can give him Life’s Abundance dog food, which can meet the fiber needs of your beloved dog.

However, owning a dog must be prepared for various risks, one of which is that your dog has a virus or is sick. One of the diseases commonly found in dogs is rabies. Knowing the characteristics of a rabid dog is not only important for owners of these furry animals, but also for everyone. This is because the virus that causes this disease is dangerous, including for humans.

The cause of rabies
Animals with rabies contain thousands of the virus that causes this disease in their saliva. That is why one of the ways of transmission is by biting or contacting the saliva with an open wound.

The characteristics and symptoms of rabies
After being bitten or exposed to a rabid animal, the rabies virus in dogs will not cause any symptoms until it reaches the brain. After that, the rabies virus will go through an incubation period until the first symptoms appear.

This process takes weeks to months. And when symptoms appear, usually death will come quickly. After that, the features of acute brain dysfunction appear. Your dog will feel the following signs: restless, restless, aggressive, irritable, active dogs may become shy or tame, and bite and bully.

Characteristics of the advanced phase of rabies
When the rabies virus reaches the brain and spinal cord, the following strange features of a rabid dog can appear:

– Lethargy
If your dog starts to look lethargic, this could be a sign that he has rabies. However, lethargy can also be another sign of illness that your dog is suffering from. To be more certain, check with the vet right away.

– Fever
This symptom is actually a symptom that can occur in other diseases. When a dog is infected with the virus, fever is one of the clues. This occurs because the increase in temperature is the body’s main response to a viral infection that takes place inside.

– Throws up
If your dog starts vomiting, it means that the immune system is fighting with viruses in the body, including rabies.

– Excessive saliva production
These are the main characteristics of a rabid dog. Coupled with the appearance of foam or froth from the mouth. One of the effects of a paralyzed jaw and throat is that your dog will have difficulty eating or drinking. If so, it will be clear the characteristics of this rabid dog.

– Sensitive to sound and touch
One of the characteristics of rabid dogs is that they are very sensitive to several things, especially to light, touch, and sound.

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