Local SEO is very important to do when you have a business that runs on a small scale, for example only one city. In contrast to when you want to optimize SEO on a national or even international scale. Local SEO focuses on searches that are related to things that smell very local. And not infrequently instead, local terms or languages ​​are included. You can visit Slides and get our information about SEO.

Not only useful for local businesses, but also websites that want to capture regional traffic or shoot other cities. To start this local SEO optimization process, the first thing to do is create a Google My Business account. This will establish your digital presence for free on the search page. And of course, it will also display your business on the Google Maps feature. and to optimize Google My Business, make sure that you:

Verifying list
Provides accurate information and updates
Provide logos, hours of operation, types of payment, types of products offered, and of course a lot of product images that you offer
Invite visitors who have come to give a review on your Google Business
Actively respond to the reviews they provide
Create content related to your products and services through the Google Post feature.

By getting reviews from visitors who have already attended it is not only a way to optimize local SEO. But it will also bring customers or traffic indirectly to businesses and websites that are already displayed on your website. There are several ways you can do so that customers are interested in giving their review:

Ask them personally after making a purchase
Send an email to those who have bought from the website and ask for a review
Respond to every review that comes in and thank them because they have responded.

Nothing helps optimize local SEO more than local content to attract local visitors. Some things you can do include:

Write a blog post about local news or ongoing activities in the city
Make videos about local activities related to your business
Use regional languages or idioms that are often used.

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