The use of tile cleaning fluid is indeed quite helpful for cleaning and polishing tile. Unfortunately, coarse tiles cannot be cleaned with a liquid which has a very high acid content. The acid content in the tile cleaning liquid will erode the tile glazing layer so that the appearance of the tile looks dull. Besides, the use of cleaning fluid that contains acid will also make the surface of the tile that has become rougher. That is why you could use the service of to make the dull tiles regain its shine.

Various kinds of stains and dirt can stick to the tiles on the wall or floor. You should immediately clean the stains that are attached to the tile, both on the wall and on the floor. Stains that dry will make an impression or leave a crust, making the surface of the tile so rough. Don’t delay the stain removal process, do it as soon as possible before the stain leaves a mark. Not only that, but you also need to immediately dry the tile that has just been cleaned. Water stains can also make a rough tile surface even rougher and look dull. Try to change the water slowly every time you want to move to a different room. The habit of changing the mop water when mopping a rough floor will make the floor to be maximum clean and free of dirt or stains that make the surface of the floor rougher.

While tiles that are installed on the outside of the house are certainly more dirty than those inside the house. Continuous exposure to sunlight can also make tiles feel rougher. Clean the dirt on the tile using a broom. Dissolve the floor cleaning liquid in two buckets of warm water. Use a mop to mop the tile floor outside the house. However, if the tile texture is rough you can use a broom to rub the tile. Prepare a water hose, then spray the tile with clean water to remove any remaining floor cleaning fluid. Dry the floor with a scrub broom and a clean dry cloth. Now, with several ways to clean this rough tile, you can make tiles shinier and smoother. If the tile texture is indeed rough, then you cannot smooth the tile.
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