Enlarge breasts with massage is a science which is inherited from generation to generation. Almost all the major civilizations have their own massage techniques to increase the volume of a woman’s breasts. Not only these days, since the first women’s breasts are a sexual attraction fastest response by men. Normally, the larger the size of the breasts will be more attractive to the opposite sex. The same trend is happening in the world even our closest relatives, the animal kingdom, chimpanzees, and gorillas. You can increase it with massage using breast enlargement cream.

There are many massage techniques to enlarge the breast. Starting from Japan, China to Egypt. Maybe even your hometown has its own breast massage technique. But with the technology and science that is still very low at the time, no one can really ensure the security of massage techniques. Currently, some ancient massage adopted and made modern with all the details are clear about the effects and risks of each. Among others are:

1. Friction Massage
Massage utilizes friction heat to give greater effect to the massage. Because of course, breast massage should not be done too loud. With warm on the palm of the hand, do gentle massage to the breast with a breast lift upward movement. This upward massage should be performed in the play, from the left to the right and then to the top and vice versa. Friction massage itself well to maintain the shape of the breast in order to stay ahead and not be bloated to hang. This massage should only be done up to 20 minutes each day.

2. Chi Massage
A massage technique that requires only your fingers as the main perpetrators of massage. No pressure or massage is done apart with your fingers. Chi massage is done by emphasizing your finger from the bottom up slowly and gently. Pressure with your finger is preferably carried out in a circle, in alternating clockwise and counter clock. Chi massage is a massage technique that will help increase friction massage on your breasts. This massage can do 1 to 2 times per day.

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