In addition to the smell of poop, cats also leave feathers that stick to clothes and furniture made from fabrics, such as sofas, curtains, and carpets. Washing clothes and curtains with cat fur sometimes does not solve the problem and instead make it more difficult to lift. Cat hairs get stuck or even slip between the fabric fibers so that they cannot be released with just a rinse of water. You need to do the technique of cleaning your cat’s fur on a cloth when the fabric is dry. If you do not have time to clean carpet with a large size, you can use the services of to complete it. Getting rid of the cat’s fur from a dry cloth is easier than from a wet cloth. Use a soft brush and a cloth cleaning roller to get better results.

How to clean a cat’s fur on a cloth
To completely remove cat hair from cloth, you need the following cat fur cleaning tools:

• Soft toothbrushes that are not used anymore but the bristles are still standing upright.
• Lint rollers that can be found at supermarkets or household supply stores. This roll is in the form of an adhesive paper roll which has a handle as a handle. This tool is specially designed for use on fabrics so that it does not damage the fabric and does not leave glue residue on the fabric.

How to get rid of cat fur on fabric sofas and carpets
You can use the method of removing the cat’s fur on the clothes above to clean the cat’s fur on the fabric sofa and carpet. But because the sofa and carpet are larger, the use of lint rollers will be more wasteful. Eliminating cat hairs from fabric sofas and carpets are also easier to do in a dry state.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a tipped brush to remove the cat’s fur from the fabric sofa and carpet while sucking it up. On the market, there is also a vacuum cleaner that has a special tip to get rid of animal hairs on fabric furniture. If a vacuum cleaner is not available at home, you can use a wash brush that is not too rough to remove the cat’s fur. You will need a long time to do this throughout the house.

• Make sure the cloth with the cat’s fur on is dry.
• Use a soft brush to untangle the bristles on the fabric fibers.
• Lift the cat’s fur with a cloth cleaning roller.

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