Ankle sprains is symptoms that often arise due to joint injuries include pain, swelling, redness of the skin, and disruption of bodily functions in the injured area. Thus, pain and swelling due to sprains need to be treated immediately so that the condition does not get worse. Regardless of the type, if the sprain is not treated promptly, it will worsen the condition of the joint. So immediately do the handling or ask for help from others to overcome it. Here’s how to deal with pain and swelling due to sprains. First, give pain relievers. If the sprain is unbearable, give pain relievers such as PureManaCBD. Medicines with ingredients that can be used to relieve pain and inflammation in the sprained leg.

Second, taking rest. Right after the sprain, immediately stop any physical activity that is causing the injury and do not overload the affected limb. Rest the body that has sprained, such as the ankle. You don’t want to get into body reflexes that make the swelling worse. But sprained injuries don’t mean a complete stop to daily productivity. Third, compress with ice. Apply a cold compress that can be found at the pharmacy or an ice cube wrapped in a clean cloth on the surface of the swollen area. Do this compress for 15 minutes until the swelling deflates. The purpose of cold compresses is to help limit the inflammation from getting worse after an injury.

Fourth, bandage the sprained body part. Wrap the sprained wrist with an elastic bandage. This will help relieve swelling and to limit movement that could aggravate the foot condition. Wrap your feet tightly, but not so tightly that they don’t block blood flow. If you wrap your leg too tightly, you will experience a tingling feeling which can even make the pain worse.

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