One of the most sought-after men’s watches is smartwatch apple compatible. This watch is considered very supportive of the appearance of men so that they become more confident wherever it is. Then, how to care for the watch?

Here’s how to take care of your watch so that it stays durable and functions properly:

1. Do not store the watch in a magnetic area
Maybe some of us are not aware that keeping a watch in a place with magnets will affect the movement of the machine and the rotation of the watch. As a result, your watch will not be able to show the time correctly. Therefore, keep your watch in a safe place away from magnetic fields. Don’t put your watch near a refrigerator, microwave, television, fan, and other electronic items.

2. Always clean the watch strap
By always paying attention to the cleanliness of the watch strap, your wrist will be free of bacteria and germs. Besides, cleaning the watch strap regularly will keep it durable and not be easily damaged.

If your watch is made of leather, use a half wet cloth to remove dirt from the strap or strap. Dry it by wiping it using a dry cloth. You can also use lotion for skin watch treatment at least once a week.

For watches made of stainless steel, brush between them to free the strap from the remaining dust, dirt, and sweat attached. After that, immediately dry it with a smooth surface cloth.

Use a toothbrush and soap to clean a cloth or canvas watch. Because this material will give off an unpleasant odor if it is not dried properly, the first thing you must do is dry and absorb the water using the newspaper. After that, wind the watch for a few moments.

If your watch is made of plastic or rubber, then you don’t need a process or maintenance step that is too difficult. Just use soap to clean the rope from dirt, then use a brush to remove the remnants of dust and sweat. Dry it immediately so that the watch does not cause unpleasant odors.

3. Avoid damp or wet places
So that the watch is not easily damaged, keep it in a dry place or with normal temperature, for example in a room. When storing your watch in a room that is exposed to direct sunlight or exposed to excessive AC exposure, it can affect the sustainability of the watch. The best way is to store your watch in a special box or container.

4. Routinely take him to the service center
There are parts of the watch that cannot be seen by the naked eye or you cannot diagnose yourself. The right expertise and tools are needed to examine parts by section of the watch. Come to the service center regularly to check the engine and performance of the watch, at least two or three years.

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