Not a few we encounter road users who make us have to stroke the chest. Often times we encounter drivers who are not disciplined and obey the traffic rules for some of our citizens. Even though when we make a driving license (SIM), the public has been given insights on how to drive a good car. We as people who obey and are disciplined towards traffic regulations have a bad image because other drivers are not disciplined when driving a car. Therefore we must understand and learn how to drive a car that is good and right. You can use a dashcam to ensure your safety while driving. Visit our website to get visit us.

Actually, not only car drivers, but motorbike drivers also have to change their mindset as well to always apply a good way of driving a car. You must have been a “victim” of selfish motorbike drivers on the road where they don’t want to admit their mistakes when they can be sure they are. We will try to explain how to drive a car properly and correctly in order to avoid events that can harm the car and ourselves.

Do not reduce speed/stop when exiting the alley and about to enter the highway. The first way to drive a car is to see the situation when going out of the alley. Many accidents occur because motorists do not want to stop first when going out of the alley or small road to a highway with many other vehicles. If you follow the proper and correct way of driving a car, you will not do this bad behavior because it is very dangerous. Road riders find it difficult to avoid hitting other drivers who enter the lane suddenly and accidents cannot be avoided. How to drive a car that is good and right is to make it a habit to stop first when going to the highway, from an intersection or alley. Pay attention to the conditions on the left and right, when you are sure there are no other vehicles that have the potential to crash, just enter the road carefully.

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