Watching by streaming is now more desirable by people because of many factors, one of which is to avoid people’s bad habits while at the cinema. There are also many movie streaming services, one of which is the free movie websites, a movie-watching service with any genre.
What are the bad habits and unpleasant actions that usually occur in cinemas?

1. Littering
In the cinema maybe there is no trash, but this does not mean that you are free to litter. The glass case in the chair is not a trash can. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not care about this and leave trash in their seats. Collect food and beverage waste in one container. After watching, bring this leftover garbage collection out and throw it in the trash bin.

2. Pervert
Dark shades make some unscrupulous couples are trying to do obscene. It must be annoying if the couple next to or in front of you and behind you suddenly do a pervert and maybe let out an annoying sigh. What’s even more annoying is that after being reprimanded, they still don’t care or even ignore and get angry.

3. Kick the chair
While enjoying the film, suddenly the back of the audience is kicking your chair. At first, they might have been too eager to watch the film, but eventually, it became even more annoying because their actions continued to repeat.hey

4. Play cellphone
Turn off the cellphone so that you are not disturbed by the clink of incoming chat messages or calls. And when watching movies, of course, you will not want to play mobile. In addition to not disturbing yourself, playing mobile in the cinema will disturb others as well. Even if the ringtone has been turned off, but the light of the cellphone that you hold will also disrupt the dim light of the cinema while watching.

5. Chatting
This one habit is indeed difficult to release. Especially if it turns out you are watching with friends or lovers. There is just chatter material being discussed. Hold your desire to chat until the film is over after the film is over, you can still chat with your friends and lovers outside the cinema. This also applies to chat about movies that are currently running.

6. Legs to the chair
Feet aching from sitting for hours? Yes, it has become a risk. But this is no reason to raise legs on a chair.

7. Recording and photo films
These habits and desires to be the first result will make people willing to jostle, queue up, and watch movies at midnight or early morning.

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