This Parker pen is widely sold in the market. You can even get a pen at the nearest store. However, the price is not exactly cheap, it is even more expensive than similar items. Apart from that, this type of pen is also among the best fountain pen brands because of its luxurious design. As we know, the pen itself has an important role in the world of offices and education, especially for writing. Writing itself is a language skill that is used to communicate indirectly. Of the many pens that can be used for writing, the Parker brand is considered to have many advantages. Besides, the original version of Parker ballpoint pens is also classified as a luxurious pen with an elegant design.

In terms of packaging, almost all Parker pen variants are packaged in a premium box. Most of them come in gold-colored boxes with pretty ribbons inside. This is one of the advantages of the original Parker pens which are specially designed for those of you who like glamorous things. The Parker pen itself is one type of writing instrument that is well known for its quality. All Parker pen products are durable and not easily jammed during use. Of course, this can be obtained because of the quality of the basic ingredients used and the good type of ink.

For the basic material itself, most Parker pens are made of stainless steel, so it’s no wonder this pen product doesn’t rust or break easily. The stainless steel also makes Parker pens look more exclusive and luxurious. This is the reason why many people are eyeing Parker Pen products, even though the price is quite expensive. The small ball at the tip of the pen functions to adjust the thickness of the ink and the thickness of the writing.

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