Spoil done to your garden by groundhogs

The groundhog or the woodchuck whatever you call depending on the region you leave. You might always appreciate the appearance of a groundhog from afar or its actions may look funny to enjoy, but beware if they have become your tenants then you are in big danger. It would be too late by the time you realize that it you have to get off the groundhogs. They might have damage the whole part of your yard or garden. You have to know how to plug groundhog holes. Just before doing that let me tell you the damages done by them.

  • The groundhog belongs to the family of squirrel. But they do not get on to the trees like squirrel instead they dig borrows in the ground. They can dig borrows because of their body structure as they are large and weighty they can easily make way into the ground by making holes.
  • If the groundhogs come near to the living place then it may cause a lot of damage to the buildings built there. As they will start digging borrows under the house or shed. And soon you have to be ready for the big expense which you have to do to repair the damage done by the groundhogs.
  • It is big problem to all the people who plant vegetation as if these groundhogs create their dens in between the vegetation then they can clean all the vegetation with in no time. All you energy, time and money spent to get that vegetation will go in vain.
  • You can also face drainage problem due to the tunnels created by the groundhogs as water may flow through this tunnels under your houses and the foundation of the house will be damaged by this.
  • The groundhog tunnels or holes can also increase the moisture under the house which can cause formation of the fungi and create fungi problems.
  • It may sound silly, but there are chances that you can hurt your leg or ankle wile you’re walking in your garden or yard. You can accidently step into the holes made by the groundhogs, which may cause you to go through severe pain and medication.
  • In your fields they can damage the electric wires which are planted under the ground for irrigation purpose. This can happen when they are digging borrows they might chew the wires.


Hope through this details you have got some information about the damage done by the groundhogs. If you are planning to remove them from your garden then you can get more information from the below URL